There’s no Victory without Hope

There are times when we lose hope. Those are the times when we need to recreate it.

We all have immense potential with the entire energy of the Universe flowing within us.

Once we set our dreams at the highest level, we are determined to advance with hope into the achievement of such dreams.

Hope is nothing but a decision that will give us the strength to overcome any struggle and break through into victory.

I have lost hope a few times in my life. I remember how quickly I dove into despair.

Today, I know how much I don’t want to experience those feelings anymore, so I have learned through my faith how to keep the flame of hope burning inside my heart all the time.

I wake up every morning with determination to achieve my dreams.

I persevere through failures, I never give up and while activating the powerful energy within, I manifest miracles in my life.

This morning as usual I woke up with ideas and creative thoughts in my head.

I  asked the Universe for the right directions and I walked into the kitchen.

I grabbed my cup of coffee and I went outside to sit in a chair on my front yard and enjoy the view of nature.

As soon as I opened the front door, my eyes looked on the green grass right in front of me and I noticed a beautiful white feather.

We are connected. The power that moves the Universe is the same one within us and we can always find the answer.






Happiness Within

What really means being happy? 

Everyone has a different concept about happiness and where to find it. Mostly we all seek happiness in the outside world. 

We think that material satisfaction, the sparkle of joy that we feel when we buy a new home, a fancy car or glamorous clothes, it will ultimately fullfil our life. 

At the end we realize it does not. 

After having experienced great losses, I can honestly say that, despite it’s completely fine to reach for the sky (I am working on that right now!), it is also so enriching to discover that happiness resides within us all the time. We just need to learn to seek deeper within our heart. 

As it’s so inevitable that we all go through pain and suffering during our lifetime, nobody can deny that, we can also learn that through faith and hope we can transform those negative experiences into a positive outcome.

As my Buddhist faith teaches, we all possess the darkness and the light within ouselves, it’s the matter of deciding which side to bring forth into our lives.

I choose to imagine and create beauty in any citcumstances to bring forth only light.

The light will shine bright from the heart creating absolute happiness.

I choose to be happy!

Wings of Hope

As today, I really enjoy the moments surrounded by nature, the breeze caressing the leaves of the palm trees, the birds singing and the butterflies that alight on colorful flowers. I feel my heart radiating with joy.

“Does this mean that I am happy?” I ask myself, “Have I found my own path of contentment?”

I believe I did.

It wasn’t too long ago that my perspective of happiness was completely different.

I thought that wealth and social status could give meaning to my life, I misunderstood the greatest purpose of spiritual abundance compared to the material one, to find myself at the end with an empty heart due to several bad choices I made.

One day I heard from a friend about Nichiren’s Buddhism.

I embraced this faith and learned how to chant the powerful mantra of “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”.

Every morning and every evening I chanted tirelessly, lifting up my life’s condition and bringing happiness to myself and the ones around me.

Each day was filled with wonder!

Until the time that my faith was put to a serious test.

I took an enormous fall, about two years ago, when I had to face one of the most challenging times.

Suddenly, my husband, our youngest children and I became homeless due to a major financial crisis, We lost everything!

After seeking a little help from a few friends and family members, we were forced to move into a motel, certainly not the kind you would like to bring your family. We had no choice, it was either sleeping in the car or staying at the motel. Of course, at the end, we chose the motel.

Despite my Buddhist practice that taught me to embrace any struggle with a positive attitude, I felt I was losing strength and determination to overcome those obstacles.

“How can I still be happy when my life is falling apart?” and  “How can I wake up each morning, while my heart aches, and show a positive attitude towards the future?” I continuously asked  myself.

One morning I was sitting outside at the table in front of the motel’s reception and I had tears coming down my face. The little money that we had left to cover the motel’s bill was almost gone. I worried that we had to sleep in the car that night or go to a homeless shelter.when a man walking by looked at me smiling and said, “Be happy, it’s a beautiful day!”

Before I could say something he was gone.

I was speechless when a little bit later the motel’s manager walked to me with new keys for the room and told me that it was paid for two nights.

A sense of complete gratitude towards that man filled my soul and I decided not to give up hope.

I continued to chant fearlessly until this day, dipping more and more into the limitless power within myself and changing negative circumstances into new possibilities.

I feel like a butterfly, spreading wings of hope into a flight of fulfillment.