Confidence is a major aspect of our growth.

Being confident indicates an optimistic attitude towards a goal.

We all need to keep a positive outlook and persevere to that direction.

We cannot give up because of the overwhelming competition or the fear of comparison.

We have to believe deep in our heart that each of us is special with unique talents and that there is a place of success for everyone.

But what does success mean for us?

Some describe success as being wealthy, powerful, famous, when some of us define it as a personal fulfillment such as being loved, respected, or others in the way of being happy.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Defining success is very personal.

We are all determined to catch that successful dream and we are the only one to decide when we have reached the desired state of our life’s condition.

The fact that we continue not to be defeated by mistakes but we keep striving for victory, it can be well considered being successful.






Author: keepahappyheartblog

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Blogger

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