“During times of struggles, the most profound creativity and inspiration can emerge from the heart…”


Hello and welcome!

My name is Camy De Mario and I am an author, illustrator and artist.

I  also volunteer for “The Source”, a shelter for the poor and homeless in Vero Beach, Florida to motivate and encourage their clients to heal from their difficult circumstances through self expression, journaling and art classes.

Because of my passion for art and writing, I have studied “Art Therapy” and received certifications and diplomas.

These studies inspired me to develop a new career helping people to heal from traumatic challenges.

This Blog is my own creative expression of a profound spiritual growth which occurred during times of extreme emotional pain.

I believe that we all possess the strength and determination within ourselves to overcome any obstacle and through any creative expression we can activate the healing process much quicker.

We all deserve to be happy during this lifetime, so learn how to manifest happiness in your own life too and… KEEP A HAPPY HEART!

Much Love,


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