The Calm after the Storm

Everything shall pass…and it did pass.

Hurricane Irma is finally gone!

No doubt the world is going through some major changes. The force of nature is challenging us at its highest.

We cannot fight nature, we are powerless in front of it.

It is the most frightening feelings anyone can ever have when it comes to find the way to protect ourselves or our family in front of this extreme fury.

This is the time when we definitely understand that human beings are not invincible, that we need to put aside our arrogance and start respecting our environment.

We cannot fight it, but surely we can prevent it.

Our interaction with nature has to be directed to a state of complete respect.

Animals, plants, the water, the air are all part of us.

Once we accept that we are all ONE, we will transform our selfish attitude and make a huge difference for everyone and everything.

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