I have become so overwhelmed lately because of the catastrophic flooding in Texas and the struggle that thousands of families are enduring.

It has somehow awakened my past.

It has brought back to the surface feelings of despair, hopelessness and fear that I had to live through with my family when we lost everything and became homeless.

Every situation is different, but the emotional results are very similar.

I pray that each individual, during these challenging times, will be able to find the courage needed to overcome such struggle.

It is very comforting to see how everyone has come together.

Lifting each other up brings hope.

Being compassionate with each other awakens the infinite abundance of “Love” that we all treasure into our hearts.

Sending loving thoughts and prayers.nmhrk



Confidence is a major aspect of our growth.

Being confident indicates an optimistic attitude towards a goal.

We all need to keep a positive outlook and persevere to that direction.

We cannot give up because of the overwhelming competition or the fear of comparison.

We have to believe deep in our heart that each of us is special with unique talents and that there is a place of success for everyone.

But what does success mean for us?

Some describe success as being wealthy, powerful, famous, when some of us define it as a personal fulfillment such as being loved, respected, or others in the way of being happy.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Defining success is very personal.

We are all determined to catch that successful dream and we are the only one to decide when we have reached the desired state of our life’s condition.

The fact that we continue not to be defeated by mistakes but we keep striving for victory, it can be well considered being successful.







When someone mentions the word “faith” or “spiritual”, most of us will connect it with “religion”.

Although many religions of course are synonymous of faith, there are times when faith can stand alone without religion.

The word “Faith” can also be translated into “Confidence”.

Confidence in ourselves and our own strength and possibilities become a very important part of our spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth means expanding our consciousness and reaching greatness of our soul.

We can determine that there is no separation between the mind and the spirit.

What reflects in our mind will affect our spiritual being.

Being in control of our emotions and making the right choices it will ensure a healthy spiritual growth, which it will bring absolute happiness into our lives.