The Liebster Award

I am so honored for this recognition.

Thank you to RelationshippointBlog for nominating my Blog. Please check it out, very inspiring!

I have just started this new venture and it motivates me so profoundly that someone else finds my writing worth of this kind of exposure.

Liebster Award

As requested, I am very happy to share a little bit about myself.

  1. What inspires you in life?  Love and acts of kindness.
  2. Are you selective about who you follow on WordPress? I follow who has interesting messages to share, regardless if I agree or not. Life is a learning process and everyone has something great to teach.
  3. How likely and why will you recommend blogging to someone? Very likely, as one of the most promoted way for self expression.
  4. What impact have you made on others around you with your writings? Hopefully I keep encouraging them to never give up in front of all the many challenges that life throws at us unexpectedly.
  5. Share with me some of your challenges in blogging and how you overcame them.
    The writer’s block is my most common challenge. To overcome this struggle I usually reach out to my artistic talents. With drawings and paintings projects, as Art Therapy sessions, I am able to unlock new feelings and find new ideas for my posts.
  6. How long have you been writing? I have started almost ten years ago as a children’s book author and illustrator. At this present moment, I have decided to adventure into a new realm of inspirational and motivational books. Blogging fist helps me becoming familiar with this new path that I have chosen and building up a following, before publishing my next book.
  7. Do you believe in God? I believe in the infinite, powerful “Energy” that we all possess within ourselves and that connects us with the entire Universe. This is the “Energy” that provides us with the strength and determination of becoming anything we desire.
  8. Which country do you wish to travel anytime soon when the opportunity comes? Definitely Italy, for a very good reason. To visit my oldest children and grandson who currently live there.
  9. Do negative comments piss you off or encourage you? As long as they are expressed with respect, constructive criticism is always well accepted.
  10. Have you for a second thought of quitting blogging? “Quitting” does not exist in my vocabulary. When I have a goal to achieve, I always work hard until it is fulfilled.


Below the questions for my nominees:

1.  When did you start your Blog?

2.  Is there a specific reason why choosing WordPress instead of other providers?

3.  Do you write just to inspire others through your Blog, or is there a bigger goal?

4.   Did you participate in any blogger training? Or, are you planning to?

5.   What type of Blog does grab mostly your attention?

6.   How do you think is the best way to overcome a writer’s block?

7.   Do you possess any other passion or talent beside writing?

8.   Do you believe these Blog Awards can really help writers being discovered?

9.   When you monitor comments on your Blog, do you allow criticism to be posted?

10.   Do you consider writing the best way for self expression?


And here my nominees, please visit their sites, all very motivating!


Thank you and KEEP A HAPPY HEART!